Gulden is a user-friendly cryptocurrency.

Simple saving and mining

One of the safest blockchains

More than 100,000 users

Simple and fast

Send Gulden to each other, pay at Gulden Merchants and receive interest. Gulden functions without an account, all you need is the Gulden app.

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Climate friendly innovation

The Gulden blockchain doesn't need a lot of energy to be one of the safest blockchains in the world.

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Save up with Gulden

If you have Gulden, then you can add to the security of the blockchain and earn Gulden in the process. You do this by participating in the Witness system available through your own desktop app, but also via a Plug-and-play Raspberry Pi or even in the cloud.



Transactions are confirmed by mining. Everybody can earn Gulden by mining with the desktop app.


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You receive the best support from real users

The Gulden community helps new users, but also new merchants that want to accept Gulden. On the Gulden Slack anyone can ask questions or meet the people behind Gulden.

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Shortly after applying you’ll receive an invitation for Channels are moderated and maintained by the Gulden Community. Click here for more information about Slack.

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